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Masonic Education.

Conrad Hahn, a most distinguished Mason, once observed, "The lack of educational work in the average lodge is the principal reason for the lack of interest and the consequent poor attendance in Masonry over which spokesman have been wringing their hands for at least a century."

Freemasonry emphasizes the life long pursuit of knowledge. To that end, here are some interesting items we have come across recently with may be of interest.


The Mark Degree in Scotland  Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
600 Years of Ritual Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
The Wonderful Second Degree Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
The Blackboxer and the Scottish Craft Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
The Five Noble Orders of Architecture Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
Towards the Sources of Freemasonry Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
A meeting of famous Freemasons Bro. Peter Taylor PM.
Its a Secret Bro. Peter Taylor PM.
A Masonic Look at the Movies Bro. Peter Taylor PM.
The Broken Windows Theory Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.
Life Cycle of Lodges Bro. Peter Taylor PM.
Cross Keys Oct20 Bro. Neil Grant Macleod PM
Cross Keys Nov20 Bro. Neil Grant Macleod PM
Cross Keys Dec20 Bro. Neil Grant Macleod PM
December 27th - St. John the Evangelist Day Bro. J. Stewart Donaldson.


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